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Zoom Video Streaming

Zoom will offer a more “there-like” experience to services. You will have a video window of your own, in addition to the larger video of the services. You do not need to broadcast your video, and normally no one at the shul will be looking, although if there are others on the remote stream, they would see it. Same for participant audio.

When you click the services meeting link, Zoom will launch (downloading first if you do not have it). You can access Zoom from a computer or mobile device with the Zoom app.

After Zoom loads, it will ask for your name. It is preferred that you use your real name, but if you don’t want your full name, perhaps use your first name followed by the initial of your last name.

The it will ask how you want to connect the audio. Usually that will be through the PC or device, but you can call a phone number also.

Once it loads, you will see the main video of the sanctuary, and depending on the device, small windows for each participant. If they are not broadcasting video, you will only see their names. (You can change your name even after joining).

If you turn on your video, it will show up in your small window. Others logged in will see you, and it will appear on the screen of the computer in the back room. If you turn on your mic, other users will hear you, but currently, the audio is not connected in the synagogue. At some point, we may put a small speaker in the back room.

Please do not use the audio for random chat. There is a text chat tool if you want to quietly contact someone else who is on.

More info and screenshots later.